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Proficient trapeze artist Kurt shows off his aptitudes on the silks to a willing Rico.

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Kurt ascends into the air and flips upside down then pulls Rico up to go along with him in an outrageous grasp 10 feet off the ground. The two youthful gymnasts keep on bending and turn until Kurt covers his face in Rico’s smooth tight gap. Kurt discharges Rico’s hard uncut cock and gets on his knees before the solid youthful stud to love his dick. Kurt swallows Rico’s cock then teases the delicate head before kicking back to whip out his own particular fat rock-hard cock. Rico slithers between Kurt’s legs and takes the titan man-meat in his mouth. After a short time it’s reasonable that Rico needs to have that impeccable prick up his butt. He straddles Kurt and brings down himself onto his erect cock then snatches the silks for bolster while he skips all over on the gigantic shaft and balls. With Rico suspended above him Kurt continues to pulverize the youthful muscle head’s rear end with such drive it almost tears him down the middle. Kurt keeps on beating Rico’s butt until the horny base can’t take it any more and shoots his heap. Kurt hauls out and twitches off until he showers Rico with thick white jizz

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