Why all the cute guys are on gay webcam chat sites ?


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I was checking out a new website called Jizzroulette for some friends of mine who were looking for a gay Chatroulette. I did not know what to expect at all and I thought it was just another one of those phony crappy sites where you have to pay to see anyone at all. Well boy was I surprised! So many cute guys! I was jealous! There are not many guys on LiveFreeFun to sex chat with but on Jizzroulette there were literally thousands! Then I thought to myself, why are all the cute guys here? Why are they all on a gay webcam chat site? Why are they not on LiveFreeFun?
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I always thought that the cutest guys were gay and it kind of was disappointing until I myself realized I was part gay! It took me a while to figure it out but at least now I feel good about myself and the choices that I make. I feel I have the best of both worlds. I love a cute and sweet guy with a nice long and hard cock it makes me feel alive. On the other hand, I can’t get enough pussy. I could eat pussy all day (I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it too!) of course get mine eaten in return. So I am one of the lucky ones and I get to dip my toes in both pools. I love it.


Are the guys on Jizzroulette all really gay? I asked myself this question because after visiting a few profiles from GayFreeFun (powers jizzroulette) I saw some really hot guys profile and when I read it said he was heterosexual and loved to stick his cock in sweet tight asses.
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I then asked myself an important question, is this real or another one of those sites that promise unfulfilled fantasies. I decide to look a little closer since I did not want to disappoint my friends by recommending it.

I logged in (it’s free and easy) and decided to have a little chat with this cute hunk. I didn’t want to ask him right off the bat so I simply acted clueless. I threw him a few compliments and then a few sentences clueing in on the fact that I was a girl to see what he would say. Surprise surprise, he politely asked me to leave his chat room and that there were sites for what I was looking for! I know! I work there! I then asked if he was really gay. He told me he had been with a girl once and just couldn’t get it hard and at that moment he knew! How cute! What a sweety! I then proceeded to tell him his profile said he was heterosexual and he totally freaked out! He looked at it and told me I was mistaken. I refreshed the page and it wasn’t the same profile. I guess the website screwed some profiles up! I decide to check around and make sure and I didn’t see any other heterosexual profiles, only really cute and hunky guys just waiting to jerk off and get jerked off to.

It’s too bad thought they are all gay. Some of them are off the charts gorgeous. But they don’t want my pussy, all they want is a cock and I get that!

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So now I’m off to Livefreefun to find what I’m looking for and I’ll let my friends all know that I have found their ultimate fantasy giver and hope they thank me forever for making sure it’s what they were looking for.

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