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First Time Anal Gay SexMatthew is a hot-looking guy who just did his first solo jerk-off video with. And in spite of his nerves, he jumped right into his first guy-on-guy session. And this is a first for this jock on many levels. He’s never had sex with a guy before and he’s certainly never felt a dick sliding into his ass either.

Matthew and Steeve are sitting outside on a warm day and Matthew is getting Steeve relaxed for his first time with a guy. Steeve wasn’t worried about anything else, just the actual fucking. Matthew assured him that he’d be gentle at first. So they started to kiss and Steeve responded passionately. Steeve unbuttons Matthew’s pants and plays with his cock and moments later, when Matthew pulls out Steeve’s stiff cock, it seems that Steeve nerves are gone. Steeve has a long, uncut cock, it’s rock hard, and Matthew enjoys chowing down on his foreskin.

Then for the moment Steeve’s been dreading: Steeve gets down on all fours and Matthew spits on his hand. He works two fingers into Steevie’s virgin asshole. Steeve is tight very tight, but he slowly starts to loosen up. Matthew inches the head of his cock inside Steeve’s ass, but it’s tough, he’s still so very tight.

Steeve ends up on his back and this seems to be easier for him; Matthew’s entire cock slides in deeply. Steeve strokes his hard cock while Matthew starts picking up the pace and fucks him harder. Before very long Steeve shoots all over his stomach. But Matthew keeps pounding until he’s ready to nut and then explodes all over Steeve. As the guys kiss afterwards, Steeve tells Matthew that it felt amazing. Now with that one under his belt, I’m hoping we’re going to see Steeve fucking some ass soon with that big uncut cock of his.

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