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As a matter of first importance, in the event that you have never seen both of these two dark hunks some time recently, you are in for a treat. They characterize the importance of Big Black Cock. The feature begins with Ken looking at another rec center and getting a sweat-soaked workout. After his workout he heads into the locker space to discover Isis taking a hot, hot shower. Ken can’t resist the opportunity to see the kindred sibling and that huge dark cock shimmering in the shower. As he gazes at Isis in the shower, his own huge dark cock starts to develop underneath his rec center shorts. Isis sees the faux pas underneath Ken’s shorts and gives him a long gaze. Accordingly, Ken hauls out his huge dark mamba and starts to stroke it. Ken’s dick is now shake hard and throbbing. Isis turns off the water and strolls up to Ken and the two press their bodies together. It doesn’t take long until both of these dark stallions are rubbing their huge hard cocks against one another.Isis drops to his knees and begins sucking on Ken’s enormous dark dick. Ken adores those huge lips sucking on his cock, yet he needs to taste Isis’ perfect ass. He turns Isis around and spreads his rear end cheeks and plunges his long tongue profound inside Isis butt split and starts giving that strong ass a hot rimming. The fellows are truly into one another and after some more dick sucking, they both wind up opening their posteriors as the two fuck one another’s tight dark gaps with total surrender, in that spot in the locker room. After some extraordinary forward and backward fucking, they both eject with many, many loads of hot sticky cum. Goodness! Doesn’t this make you hungry for some huge dark cockerel? Fuck yeah!

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