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Stepfather Triple Penetration

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For this awesome set of pictures, Stepdaddy Rick Baber and his stepsons Simon Cruise, Karl Diesel and Steeve Daniels.
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What these four fellows do is fucking mind boggling. Daddy Rick Baber gets triple infiltrated in his ass. Granted, we’ve all seen some hot twofold entrance scenes, yet I promise you’ve never seen anything like this. The three stepsons are perched on the lounge chair with shaggy muscle daddy Rick Baber.

Rick removes his jeans and the three young men are astonished with his huge bristly cock. Simon, Karl and Steeve all alternate touching and stroking it. The three stepsons take their shirts off and they all alternate sucking on that huge daddy cock. Rick takes his shirt off and is currently absolutely stripped with the stepsons. Rick gets extremely horny and hard subsequent to getting his dick sucked, so the stepsons stand up and encourage Rick their enormous twink cocks. Rick takes two dicks in his mouth while getting his own particular sucked.

Next, the three stepsons stoop on the love seat and stick their furry asses open to question. Muscle daddy Rick reviews each of their furry twink asses. One by one, he embeds his huge shaggy daddy cock up the twinks asses and gives them every a brief hard fucking. After he fucks every one of the twinks, Rick sticks his shaggy daddy ass not yet decided and Karl Diesel begins fucking the more established gentleman.

Alternate stepsons need their turn on that daddy ass also. Simon Cruise comes over and embeds his cock up Rick’s can in the meantime Karl is now fucking him for a hot twofold entrance scene. Steeve gets a handle on left of the activity so they instruct him to come over and get some of that daddy ass with whatever remains of them. Steeve sticks his dick up Rick’s butt while Karl and Simon are as of now profound within him. Rick Baber takes three cocks up his rear end in the meantime. He shouts out in torment and joy with his rear end being completely stuffed as far as possible.

The three stepsons all fuck the stepdaddy in the meantime until every one of them shoot their enormous heaps of hot cum everywhere on their stepdad. Stunning! Fucking hot! Don’t you wish you had a stepdad you could do stuff like this with ?

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