Movember, for the love of balls


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Men’s Health
Be careful with your balls and make ​​an annual test before it is too late.
Take your balls in good hands

And next time you’ll go down on your men, get his balls involved !

licking balls

The testicles are frequently criminally neglected during oral. When you feel good with your essential procedure, begin giving careful consideration to his balls. You can do this with either your hand or your mouth.

In the first place, take his whole scrotum into your non-prevailing hand. Testicles are touchy, so you’ll have to locate a decent harmony between getting a handle on immovably enough (too light will feel sensitive), and not being too harsh. Move his balls around in your grasp while you keep sucking his dick. Give the entire sack a couple of delicate pulls.

Gently utilize your thumb and index finger to squeeze the skin between the two balls, and slide your fingers from the base of his scrotum to the tips of his testicles. At that point have a go at concentrating on his balls with your mouth. Keep your hand going on his penis as you lick all around his testicles with an expansive, level tongue. Take a stab at taking every ball in your mouth for a moment. You can likewise have a go at licking in the middle of the balls, going the distance from the back of his scrotum to the front.

balls as a gift

Bigs balls

nice balls

Pending balls

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