5 steps to landing Mr. Right


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Are you tired of the dating scene and searching for stability? Are you ready to settle down but have yet to find the perfect match that will be for eternity? Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will love were I’m going with this article. I will try and explain the 5 most important steps to landing Mr Right and falling hopelessly in love with the man you will share the rest of your life with.

Forever seems like a long time but when it’s with the right person it just doesn’t seem long enough anymore. Yes, dating is fun but nothing compares to being loved by Mr. Right.


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You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been in and out of unsuccessful relationships, you’ve been hurt so many times that you lost count and still you keep hoping the next relationship will be better. STOP! Take some time to organize before jumping head first into another destructive relationship with Mr. Wrong. Yeah, he might be cute but all you’re going to get out of it is another broken heart. Wouldn’t you rather share your bed and life with someone worthy of your affection and love?

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It’s time you take a look back at your last relationships and evaluate the cause and effects of your break ups. You were out with these men for a reason. Write down these reasons. Find each A gay thinking head tought jizzrouletttequality that first attracted you to certain men and list them all on a sheet of paper. I don’t care if you dot the I’s with hearts as long as it’s truthful and that you are sincere.

What did you like about these guys? What did you find attractive about them? Did you like their sense of humour or the fact that they would call you at least once a day? Whatever it is take note of it. Think of the entire positive they brought you and why. Why did they make you feel good? What was it about them and what were the qualities you appreciated most. Now turn the sheet over and write down why you broke up. What went wrong? If you can literally piece together the causes of your break-ups you can see if a pattern emerges. Is it something they said or did? Or maybe it was you?


Now it’s time to take an objective look at yourself. Ask yourself these few questions. Would you date you? Are you a catch? Are you someone’s Mr. Right? Sometimes this exercise can be very a gay is looking himself in the mirror revealing and even hurt a little. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Would you like to be treated the way you treat others? How are you at relationships? Are you the one who breaks up or are you the victim? Why do you think these things happen?

It’s time for self-assessment. Once you’ve listed your weaknesses and your strengths, build yourself a self-improvement program. No one is perfect and we all need to grow and evolve one day or another. You can’t love Mr. Right if you don’t love yourself. So work on yourself before reintegrating the dating scene. You need to be in the right place and frame of mind to meet the right guy.


What do you expect from Mr. Right? Where do you want your relationship to go? Are you looking for a man of the house or an all-out eccentric queen? After answering these questions, you will be able to identify important information about your future Mr. Right. Things like where to meet him or how to approach him. For example, if you are looking for a man who loves nature and hiking you’d have a better chance of finding him in nature related activities (kayaking, bird watching, rafting, etc.) than in a local gay club. If you want a busy independent man then you’re more than likely going to find him at an airport or a cigar lounge rather than in a park sitting on a bench.


Now that you’ve taken a look at yourself and what you really want, you are ready. Ready to give yourself a break and take it easy. Stop dating for a while. Work on yourself and always keep in mind what the perfect man for you would be. Stop focusing on being single and focus on having fun and bettering yourself. Instead spend some time investing in friendships and activities that will help you grow into a better person and will let you experience all sorts of new things.

It’s time you invest in you and your beautiful little self. You know it’s always when you aren’t searching that along comes the right person. Your one and only Mr. Right.

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