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Those who are into young and horny gays will love the sexy ass stripper, Marco Bianchi. The 24-year old wanna-be pornstar has a charming and good gay aura. One look at him and that’s probably going to be your first impression. However, you shouldn’t underestimate his wild side. Once you see his videos, you’d be surprised at how the innocent-looking gay can be so good in bed (or on the couch).

Marco Bianchi has already starred in different videos alongside Alex Montenegro, Gabriel Clark, Ryan Bones, Manual Skye, and more! Some of his videos include Just Like the Movies, Hot Bottom, and Spa Day.

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Marco Bianchi Biography

Okay, we already know that this gay is absolutely charming and sweet-faced. What else do we need to learn about him? Check out this short bio!

  • Birthday: January 12, 1996
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
  • Nationality: Canadian 
  • Tattoos: Chain on upper chest; Right pectoral; Left pectoral; “Tears dry on their own” on right side of upper abdomen; Various small tattoos across right arm; Under left biceps; Inside left forearm; Upper right thigh
  • Piercings: Right nostril; Nipples

Marco Bianchi Hot Photos That Will Make You Hard 

Here’s the thing. This cutie is definitely proud of his dick (for a good reason), and he has a lot of nudes that will make you hard. In fact, whenever he feels good in the morning, he would quickly take a sexy-ass photo for his thirsty fans! And of course, you can expect more of that when he’s feeling extra horny. 

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Marco Bianchi Jerk-Off Video

If you are looking to be turned on, we have the perfect treat just for you! Marco Bianchi can be seen jerking off in this video, and it’s hot as hell. While the video is relatively short (come on, demand a longer version!), it is nothing short of sexy.


Ooh la la! We agree that someone should be beside him to clean up his cum! How about that? Did we achieve our mission and got you hard? Well, this Canadian stripper definitely did the trick! In fact, one can always count on him to deliver steamy videos. 

The video was uploaded over a year now, so you can expect hotter and sexier videos from Marco Bianchi. After all, he loves flaunting his dick and fucking other gays. Let’s hope he uploads one similar to Rick Baber getting triple penetrated!

His recent collabs with other porn stars will blow your mind! Once you’re done with that, feel free to explore other hot guys in the site!

Marco Bianchi on Social Media

If you find yourself getting thirsty for Marco Bianchi, then you should follow his social media account! Hot content guaranteed. 

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